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APEC holiday in Beijing bus group daily average of 14.5 million

Date: 2014-11-11

November 11, 2014, reporters learned that in the morning, the whole vacation bus group average daily issue 4900 trains, passengers more than 1450, ten thousand people, more than 100000 bus people stick to one line, to protect citizens travel quietly out of a force.Bus group, a spokesman for the south tao told reporters that during the APEC holiday, bus group average daily car 19000, an average of 177500 trains leave every day, than the limit of net increase of more than 4900 trains a day before.During the period of restrictions, bus group passengers 14.51 million passengers daily, than limit before the average daily passenger traffic increased by 11%;Average daily trains and passengers were also hit a new high this year.Among them, the passenger flow volume has reached the 6th November 14.63 million, 177900 trains, trains are this year's highest peak.