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Restore ancient ways dang dang car through the trip

Date: 2014-09-23

Address: dongcheng district YongDingMen bus station
Time: every day 08:00-17:00
Price: 5 yuan cash RMB 10 bus card
On September 28, 12 retro "dang dang car" on the streets of Beijing, began to urban central axis as the baseline, to take passengers on a tour of Beijing scenery, this is Beijing "sightseeing designed a line" of the new buses.Dang dang (di ā ng) car, that is, the trams, because the one to open up, the driver standing on a bell, at the foot of the thrum of the ding ding dang dang.The dang dang car back on the road, the exterior and interior are the earliest imitate the old Beijing city trams, just less tracks and the roof of the "big plait".